05.08.15 - Waterford condo association with goose problem asks for fireworks ban waiver
A Waterford condo association resident is asking township officials to waive the township’s fireworks ban so the association can use daytime fireworks to scare away messy geese. Read the full story
04.05.15 - Surveyors set to count creepy crawlers at Oakland County’s parks
By John Turk, The Oakland Press Oakland County Parks and Recreation officials recently kicked off a contracted survey to learn about the things that crawl, slither and croak at the county’s 13 parks. Oakland County is partnering
03.20.15 - Royal Oak opposes trapping of coyotes on public land, but trapper still working with neighbors
By Michael P. McConnell, Oakland Press Royal Oak city officials are emphasizing their opposition to allowing any trapping of coyotes on public land after a trapper caught and killed a coyote in a private backyard last week. “If you
02.20.15 - Royal Oak man trapping rats, calls on residents to take part in anti-rat campaign
Macomb News Daily By Michael P. McConnell, mike.mcconnell@dailytribune.com Ron Novak of Royal Oak is on a quest to eliminate rats in his neighborhood and is calling on others to do the same. Over the past couple of weeks, 12 rats have died in
01.26.15 - Coyote Sightings on the Rise in Michigan
Coyotes seem to be getting bolder. As they become more accustomed to humans, coyotes have been moving into cities and neighborhoods seeking easy meals. A pack of coyotes are clever enough to take down a horse, which occurred earlier this year in
12.31.14 - Raccoons...for dinner?
(WXYZ) - An elderly Detroit man is making a name for himself selling meat.  Not the typical meat you find in the grocery store, but a specialty item. His signs can be spotted along roadways in Detroit.  They read: "Pure Mi.