All manner of critters on Detroit-area roads

What's the most common type of road kill in Michigan?

Deer, raccoons, chipmunks or squirrels (probably the most suicidal of all four legged creatures?)

I had no idea until I ran across an article on Jalopnik listing the animals most likely to be mowed down in each state.

Let me be right up front about this: I love Jalopnik.

With a motto of "Drive Free or Die," this snarky website irreverently covers nearly all aspects of car culture, peppering visitors with information that is weird, goofy, inane, insane and but often surprisingly useful.

Consider the recently published "State by State Guide to America's Most Common Roadkill" — penned by Jason Tochinsky — who undertook the grisly research himself after discovering the U.S. Department of Transportation doesn't have a Department of Flattened Fauna.

So, what is the most common roadkill in Michigan? According to Jalopnik, it's pocupines.