Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control Service

Critter Control of SW Oakland County provides professional and effective wildlife control services. Our technicians handle wildlife control, removal and prevention services to homeowners, businesses and municipalities. Wildlife invasions can be more than just a nuisance. Such wild animals like squirrels, mice, bats and raccoons can carry diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans and pets, and they can cause fires or create other problems.

When a wild animal that is dangerous or bothersome gets too close for comfort, it then becomes a wildlife control problem. Squirrel control, mice removal and bat damage can be dangerous and difficult for an untrained homeowner. Critter Control of SW Oakland County is here to supply you with effective and affordable solutions to all of your wildlife control problems.

Wildlife Removal in SW Oakland County

In the area, we most commonly handle the trapping and removal of squirrels, mice, bats, woodchucks (groundhogs), raccoons, skunks, moles, snakes and opossums. We can help you remove a wide variety of animals from rats and other rodents to birds.

We have had a few cases of birds nesting in dryer vents of homes. If you hear birds in your vents, please call Critter Control of SW Oakland County. Our technicians will ensure the complete removal of all birds and nest and use preventative techniques to keep unwanted wildlife out.

Wildlife Control SolutionNo domestic animal calls please

If you are hearing scratching at night, chances are you have a squirrel invasion. Squirrels are persistent animals that will do what they can to stay where their nest is, even if it's in your attic! Our technicians will remove the squirrels and prevent them from returning with species-specific techniques. Critter Control of SW Oakland County can help with any wildlife control problem you may have. Call us today and schedule an inspection!