Wildlife Prevention ServicesAttic fan guard installed for animal exclusion

Critter Control of SW Oakland County provides prevention services to customers in order to reduce future infestations and reoccurring wildlife animal problems. Our technicians will arrive, survey the area, find the points of entry, remove the problem animal, repair any damages and place preventative measures to keep future wildlife out!

Squirrels are in the attic, mice are living in the walls and bats are in the chimney because they found a way in, and it's our specialty to fix that! We use many methods including, the screening of vents, installation of chimney caps, closing of entry holes, habitat modification and exclusion. Critter Control is the nations leading full service animal control organization and their prevention methods are proven to work!

Habitat Modification

Habitat modification entails limiting access to food, water or shelter for the target species. If you had a raccoon invasion, we would suggest keeping garbage in garbage cans with lids, bringing pet food inside at night and ensuring bird feeders are kept at a height the raccoon cannot reach. If there is nothing to attract the animal, generally there is no reason for them to return. Habitat modification is one way to prevent future inhabitants from invading your home and property.

Exclusion Barriers

Exclusion barriers is another method to prevent invasion. Exclusion may include sealing entry points, placing screens over vents or establishing other barriers to intrusion from the target species. Squirrels are persistent and will do what they can to return to their original nesting area. Occasionally, vent guards, screen vents and/or chimney caps are necessary to keep the critters away.

All animals are different and have different habitat preferences, different diets and different intelligence levels. Critter Control of SW Oakland County will be able to identify the species, the points of entry and the individual species-specific prevention methods that may work best. 

Removal of the wildlife problem is only the first step. Our technicians make sure all traces of the wildlife is gone, repair damage and ensure that wildlife will not be returning. We make certain the problem is resolved and prevention measures have been put in place to keep your home critter-free!

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