Long-Term Preventioncritter control attic van guard exclusion method

Critter Control of SW Oakland County keeps wildlife from returning and causing more problems with long-term prevention services. Potential points of entry will be identified in the initial survey of your home. Preventative methods can be used to keep future wildlife animals out of your home.

There are a few options for wildlife prevention, including exclusion and habitat modifications.

Habitat Modification

Critter Control of SW Oakland County may suggest habitat modification to help prevent wildlife animals from causing you problems. Habitat modifications may include limiting access to food options, water supply, and shelter for the targeted species. Limiting access to what attracts animals to your yard in the first place will limit their reasons to return. Habitat modification is one way to prevent future inhabitants from invading your home and property.


Exclusion is a preventative method that involves installing a barrier between the wildlife animal outside and the inside of your home. Exclusion barriers may include sealing entry points, protecting vents with screening, and more. Persistent animals will try to return to their original nesting areas. Vent guards, screened vents, and chimney caps are necessary to keep these critters away.


All wildlife animals are different and require unique prevention methods. Critter Control of SW Oakland County will identify the problem animal and create a plan that will work best for keeping your problem wildlife animal out.

There are a few different points of prevention. The most common areas to implement preventative measures are:

  • Screening - placing screens over vents and other access points
  • Chimney Caps - capping chimneys can greatly reduce the occurence of unwanted birds & animals
  • Siding Repairs - sealing holes in siding
  • Roof Repairs - closing and repairing damage to roof from animals
  • Soffit Repairs - sealing gaps along the roofline and soffit
  • Chimney Repairs - sealing or screening animal access points along chimney
  • Attic Repairs - removing & replacing contaminated insulation
  • Caulking & Sealing - blocking access points along seams
  • Vent Covers - we can replace vents & install screen covers for protection

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