Baby raccoons in cage with mother raccoonCritter Control of SW Oakland County has years of experience in providing residential wildlife control services. We offer thorough inspections to ensure efficient wildlife trapping, damage repair, removal, wildlife control, prevention services and more! We are your one stop shop for professional wildlife control.

Wildlife Control

Residential wildlife control starts by identifying the problem wildlife. Our experienced staff will be able to identify the problem wildlife and plan an effective method for trapping and removal. You techinician will find all of the entry points and begin repairing damages. Critter Control of SW Oakland County works with you to find a quick, affordable, effective and humane solutions.

Critter Control of SW Oakland County is your best choice for residential wildlife control.

Common Wildlife Problems in SW Oakland County Area

Squirrel Control

Squirrel invasions are a common problem in the SW Oakland County area. They are very determined and destructive animals. Although they are small, squirrels can cause extensive damage in a short amount of time. Squirrels are persistent animals that will do whatever they can to return to the nesting area once removed, making prevention a crucial step in the wildlife control approach.

Mice Control

Are you noticing small droppings around the kitchen? Are there small (almost unnoticeable) holes in the wall near the floor? You may have a house mice infestation!

Mice will crawl around kitchen counters, nibble on food, and leave droppings behind.. Contaminating everything in their path. They will also cause dangerous hazards by chewing electrical wires or creating nests in large electrical applicances. If you suspect a mouse invasion, call today before the damage becomes extensive.

Critter Control of SW Oakland County is your full service wildlife control company! We can handle any problem wildlife you may be experiencing! Call us today to schedule an inspection.