Chipmunks in your garage or under your deck? Chipmunks chewing wires or eating your bird seed and pet food? Call your local Critter Control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective chipmunk removal and exclusion services.

Identifying Chipmunks

Chipmunks are closely related to squirrels and can climb trees, over structures like fences, leading to conflicts between the animals and property owners. Controlling chipmunk populations is very important because their numbers increase rapidly.


Chipmunks are small creatures that measure about 8 inches long and weigh no more than a few ounces. Chipmunks are covered in mostly brown fur and have prominent stripes that appear black, white, and tan. Chipmunks also have white underbellies and cheeks that are capable of storing large amounts of food or dirt.


Woodlands are a favored nesting location for chipmunks. The small and elusive animals are often seen darting from cover to cover in suburban and rural environments. Chipmunks will use small shrubs or manmade structures for cover of their burrows. During winter months chipmunks are driven underground until warmer weather returns. Until then, chipmunks feed on stored food they have gathered until warm months return.

Chipmunk Problems


Chipmunks require optimal cover, found typically with shrubs and bushes. This cover cannot typically be found inside of homes. Occasionally chipmunks may enter homes accidentally through door left open. Their favored food sources, including seeds, nuts, vegetables, carrion, and small amphibians, attract the animals to lawns, though. Chipmunks are also attracted to uncovered pet food and may use that as an excuse to enter private property.

Chipmunk Damage

Chipmunks cause damages when they eat flower bulbs, dig for seeds, and consume vegetables found in gardens. If chipmunks numbers increase, it can lead to damaged structures due to their burrowing habits. Foundations, patios, and sidewalks are at elevated risk during infestations. Chipmunks may even steal bird eggs, resulting in a negative impact to local bird populations.

Chipmunk Control

Entry & Removal

Chipmunks will enter your home in hopes of finding a great food supply and safe shelter. Critter Control of SW Oakland County has extensive experience in finding points of entry and sealing them, preventing more chipmunks from entering your home. Each wildlife animal has their own unique habits, intelligence levels, and diet preferences. Your technician will be highly trained in creating a species-specific solution that will get the chipmunks out of your home quickly and efficiently.

Control & Prevention

Keeping chipmunks out of your home and yard is a main priority for Critter Control of SW Oakland County. Entry areas will be sealed, vents will be screened, and habitat modification will be implemented. Trust us to get your chipmunk problem under control. Call Critter Control of SW Oakland County if you hear noises in the attic or scratching in your walls. 248.397.5110

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