Mole tunnels, mole damage to your lawn, or mounds in your yard? Get rid of moles in your yard. Call your local Critter Control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective mole removal services. We practice safe and effective mole removal solutions in order to eliminate any mole problems you may be having.



Moles are known for causing damages to lawns and landscaping. They are often confused with rodents, though the two creatures keep different diets and habits.

Moles are small animals that spend the majority of their life underground. They have little need for highly developed senses of sight or sound. Other characteristics include:

  • 6 inches in length
  • 3 ounces in weight
  • Webbed front claws
  • Capable diggers
  • Grayish-brown fur that is soft and silk-like
  • Incredibly small eyes and ears


Moles will make homes under ground for protection from predators, to raise their young, and to overwinter through the cold months. They prefer loose soils, like sand, and will avoid clay and stony soils that can be difficult to dig through. Moles are found in residential yards, meadows, grasslands, and woodlands. Moles favor making homes within human landscaping, as the tailored and damp ground is ideal for digging.

Mole Control

Entry and Damage

Moles are rarely seen inside buildings. Landowners that use mole-preferred soils on their plots are at highest risk of attracting the tiny mammals. Soils high in acidity will assist in repelling the pests.

Mole damage in yards begins at the unsightly mounds of upturned dirt they leave behind when tunneling. Their tunnels are so close to ground surfaces, that grass and other plants are killed. Large mole infestations will result in excessive destruction and may totally ruin lawns, fields, and crops.

Trapping and Removal

Moles can be difficult to trap and control for untrained homeowners. Critter Control of SW Oakland County specializes in mole removal and controlling mole problems quickly and efficiently.

Damage Repairs and Prevention

Critter Control of SW Oakland County will remove moles from your yard then implement damage repairs and prevention methods. Our damage repairs and preventative methods will assist in keeping moles from returning and creating more mole damage.

Call Critter Control of SW Oakland County for professional mole control and mole removal. 248.397.5110

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