Woodchucks under your deck or shed? You’ve come to the right place to solve your woodchuck problems. Critter Control uses more than one approach to humanely remove and exclude woodchucks from your home and property. Call your Critter Control today for effective woodchuck control and removal services.


Groundhogs, aka woodchucks or whistle-pigs, one of the largest members of the squirrel family.


  • Short & squat animals, ranging from 16-25 inches long and weight between 5-10 pounds
  • Claws on front paws makes them exceptional diggers
  • Recognizable brown coats
  • Eyes and ears placed on top of the head


Groundhog dens are deep, large, and can contain dozens of feet of tunnels. They will create subterranean chamber that can serve as waste collection or nursing areas. The dry gravelly earth found in open grasslands, meadows, farm fields, edges of forest clearings, and grassy roadsides are ideal. Groundhogs stay within 150 feet of their burrows, and when they are startled will let out a shrilly whistle and scurry back to their den for safety.

Groundhog Control Problems


Groundhogs have no reason to enter homes, and very rarely do. However, their diets will bring them onto your property and into farmers fields, gardens, and more!


Groundhogs rarely attack against humans, so rare that if it happens it must be treated as an indication of rabies. Furthermore, groundhogs damages are limited to properties like farms, orchards, gardens, and lawns. The rodents are responsible for a significant loss of crops, including soybeans, peas, carrots, lettuce, alfalfa, apples, and flowers. Burrowing habits create problems for foundations, roads, driveways, lawns, and embankments.

Farm equipment and livestock can also become damaged or injured by obscured burrow holes.

Woodchuck Control

Control and Safety

Wire mesh fences can be used to effectively keep groundhogs away from gardens and lawns. Fences should be buried at least a foot underground and have outward-facing overhangs at the top to prevent the animals from burrowing underneath or climbing over. In some cases, it may become necessary to run electrified wire around the perimeter of fences.

Trapping and Removal

Since groundhog burrows have multiple entrances and exits, traps should only be set by trained professionals. Although woodchucks do not actively attack humans, they may scratch or bite when cornered or threatened, and residents should never attempt to handle the animals. Critter Control of SW Oakland County wildlife experts are trained to safely deal with nuisance groundhogs and fully equipped to handle trapping, removal, and control operations within the confines of the law.

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